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I Wish I Could Skateboard//Skateboard

This coming weekend we are gearing up for some more shows with I Wish I Could Skateboard.

I believe it was back on August 3rd of 2019. Something//Something had just played a rather lit up show at the Ukrainian American Citizens club with Trash Boy from Philly, Abner II, and I Wish I Could Skateboard. I quite literally invited the entire bar to my apartment for an after party, and as the show ended we moved scenes. I was talking with Patrick and Hannah on my porch when they mentioned that they were booking a tour in November. They said it would be two weeks, out to the Midwest and back. They mentioned that they didn’t think their guitarist, Tim, would be able to make it, and they asked me if I’d be interested in filling in for him on the tour. Being the impulsive, no-planning-ahead type person I am, I immediately said yes, and I’m glad I did.

john and i wish i could skateboard chillin by the packed tour van
photo courtesy of I Wish I Could Skateboard

Aside from having me join their band for the tour, they also had a fill in drummer, Tony Luna, who had recorded their new album “The Way Things Turn Out” with them. Tony is an excellent drummer, but there was an obstacle…. He lived in Texas. I had one practice and “pre tour show” with IWICS on Halloween, Tony arrived the following Saturday, we had one practice with him, and then it was off to tour. Trial by fire to put it lightly.

i wish i could skateboard rocks a bsement
photo courtesy of I Wish I Could Skateboard

The tour was great.

Seeing various parts of the country I had never seen before, eating delicious food, playing music every night…It was incredible feeling ourselves (as a more or less thrown together band) get tighter and tighter each night. By night 5 or 6, it was automatic. Aside from the regular tour tropes of cheap beers, late night diners, gas station food, etc… I also really enjoyed getting to spend time with, and getting to know Hannah and Patrick better. We had played many shows with them over the past few years, but living on the road with them, learning their songs, and making some special memories together was something I’ll always cherish.

photo courtesy of I Wish I Could Skateboard

This coming weekend…

we are gearing up for some more shows with I Wish I could Skatebard, and while I won’t be filling in this time, I’m hoping we can still grab an essential breakfast, do a crossword, or play some five letter word game!

Stream The Way Things Turn Out on Spotify!

And come see us rock with I Wish I Could Skateboard 2/6, 2/8, and/or 2/10.

I Wish I Could Skateboard//Skateboard

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