Pixel Fetish

pixel fetish front art

Pixel Fetish was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Alex Bourne at Crawl Space in Dover, NH, with a few dubs done in 119 and the sagamore sunroom.

Pixel Fetish was released released November 30, 2016

The amazing cover art was done by @bunnyboogersdoodles

Pixel Fetish Lyrics


you brought it up again. can we just move on? i stand by what i said, even if you forget like you’ve done before and will again. you came on too strong. you caught me off guard. i’ll tell you how i feel even if you forget like you’ve done before and will again.


i had to remind myself about it every time. it was right from the start. i couldn’t lie, i couldn’t light the mood. if i’d met you before i’m sure i couldn’t stay. all my lines stay the same, the feelings change. you left me wondering from the start if i had my mind made up for me. from the start…if i had my mind made up for me from the start…you were in chicago, right?


she doesn’t know what he’s all about. he doesn’t try to figure it out. i wonder why? they don’t go out alone. he doesn’t know she’s never there. he doesn’t watch her fix her hair. i’m counting down the days until they leave alone.

Crooked Lines

take your memories and seal them in a jar, in hopes it brings us closer in the absence of a car. we know it’s not the same as sneaking in through the window. the crooked lines that connect us get tangled in the past. i’m fighting feelings like the fire i stoked with you, to watch us grow, until the wind blew. have i forgotten what hides back there? have i forgotten why i’m so scared? have i forgotten the crooked lines we read, and all the feelings we never did share?



haven’t i told you nothing ever changes around here? wednesday and thursday lead up to friday. didn’t i mention – don’t forget tomorrow comes and goes – you can take my word for it or ask around. would you feel the same alone or if i stayed? i could not have known i’d see you wednesday again. nothing ever changes around here – tomorrow comes and goes.


there she goes again, talking like we’re friends. it’s getting hard to tell where this all began. there he goes again, talking to her friends. it’s getting hard to recognize the differences. there he goes again, talking to her friends. it’s getting hard to tell where this all began, and she’s leaving with his friend (he doesn’t know).


driving by your house again reminded me how we used to be so sentimental about everything. sleeping in seemed so important then, until i realized i wasn’t dreaming anymore.


Kissy Face

there’ll come a time when we will move apart and conversation gets us nowhere closer to another start. somewhere in the middle. all or nothing. what’s it gonna be? i’m tired of everything we think about but never speak. never speak. there’s gotta be another way to break this all down. are we getting old without growing up? the days blend together but it seems clear from here that the earth still turns even when you’re not around.